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Membership types:


Regular membership: This membership level includes equity ownership of the club and the ability to be elected to sit on the Board of Directors. It also includes the right of two votes at member meetings. Regular Members pay a one time Initiation fee in addition to annual dues.  They must maintain their regular membership each year in order to be in good standing.  The annual dues for Regular members is a minimum of $50.00 less that Limited Members per our By-Laws.  We are always looking for more Regular Members to help set the direction of the Club. 


Limited Membership: This membership level does not include equity or voting rights and must be renewed each year. The Limited Membership does not come with voting rights and will pay a higher annual fee than Regular Members.

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The Memorial Bend Club By-Laws

Members can join at any time.


Special Offer!  Initiation fee reduced to $100 until

May 1, 2017

Fund the Future Campaign

Please consider a monetary gift to "Fund the Future" of the Club.  You choose where you want the money to go, such as a new diving board or flowers for the flower beds, it's up to you!


Board Members

  • Brian Salek - President

  • Paul Richman

  • Erika Sorsby

  • Allison Sullivan

  • Mary Carvalo

  • Vincent Rapp

  • David Carter

  • William McClellan

  • Tempest Pena

  • Craig Stewart

  • Jane Huggins

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