Founded in 1958, Memorial Bend Club is a private organization located in the Memorial Bend subdivision in Houston, Texas.  


With over two acres, we have a competition size swimming pool, covered baby pool, two tennis courts, and expansive grounds.  We are the home of the Memorial Bend Barracudas swim team and centrally located in the Memorial area, just minutes away from Town & Country Village and Citycentre. Explore our website and find out more about us! Click here to read our Rules and General Information. Regular and Limited Memberships are currently available for purchase. Click here for the new member application. Email the completed form to memorialbendclub@gmail.com.


Explaining MBC Membership Types:


Both Regular and Limited Members have access to the MBC facilities including the pool (during open hours), tennis courts, grounds and social events.  Regular Members, however, "run" the club.  Regular Members set the direction of the club by having voting privileges and can hold positions on the Board of Directors.  In addition, Regular Members can purchase a swim key for a small fee which grants them access to the pool for swimming laps (certain rules apply for safety reasons).  We especially encourage residents of the Memorial Bend Subdivision to join as Regular Members.


Regular Members pay an initial fee of $750 and annual dues of $550.  Limited members do not have an initial fee, but pay annual dues of $350 for the 2020/2021 year, from

May 1, 2020 to April 30, 2021.


Remember that MBC is not just for swimming!  Social events and building a sense of community are key goals of the club and that happens all year, not just around the pool!  Join today and find out what the fun is all about!

Private Events

Our Club grounds and pool are an ideal place for your private events and parties.  Contact us to find out more or fill out the Private Event Rental Application below and review the attached Rules.  We'll contact you with availability and pricing.

Email the completed form to memorialbendclub@gmail.com.



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